We are located in Grado (GO) in the area known as the City Garden. You can get here by car and park in the carpark right next to the entrance, or by bike along the cycle paths that pass along the front of the beach and by foot through the pedestrian area.

Viale del Sole, 71 – beach interior
Ph. +39 338 481 9330

How to book

You can book by downloading the COCOBUK app

  1. The first time you access the app you will need to enter your personal details and credit card information (this data is then stored in the memory).
  2. Then just type in the name of our BORABORA beach resort followed by your preferred package type.
  3. A page will then open up showing the plan of the resort where you can choose your preferred spot and the pay for the services selected.

> Contact us at +39 338 481 9330 to book periods longer than 5 days.


Would you like information on subscriptions?

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what we can offer you

Next-door parking

The nearest carpark is found right next to the resort and costs just € 6.00 a day, while there are another two carparks nearby, one of which is free of charge.


In the very centre of the beach-side resort, we have a shower open all day, free of charge to all of our clients.

Ape Pizza

We have a well-stocked snack bar in a beautiful seafront location. All day, you can enjoy tasty sandwiches, salads, and yummy pizzas cooked to order in a friendly and warm food truck.

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